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Infraction / Speeding Ticket Defense

Speeding tickets and other citations seem to be handed out like crazy. If you’ve recently received a ticket or other infraction, you only have a brief period of time to choose how you’d like to handle it. Usually there is a 15-day window in which to respond. When you work with our law firm, we’ll represent you, submit a Notice of Appearance, and deal with the response for you. It is extremely important that you pay close attention to the 15-day time limit. This applies whether you choose to be represented by counsel, or to handle it on your own.

Potential impacts of a ticket

Should you choose to handle a citation on your own, it can create a strain on your schedule, requiring time away from work or loved ones. If you don’t have paid leave, you could be missing out on earnings as well as be responsible for paying your ticket.

If you dispute the ticket and the court finds you were at fault, you will need to pay the total of the fine. If you do not object to the ticket, but ask the court to lower the amount of the fine (alleviate), you may pay less, but you lose the ability to defend yourself– you’re agreeing that you committed the offense. In either case, the ticket will appear on your driving record, and more than likely your auto insurance rates will increase.

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), tickets can have a much higher impact on your livelihood, as you can lose your license.

Additionally, if you left the scene of an accident without reporting it to the proper authorities, the initial ticket may have been a minor infraction, but later turn into criminal charges if an individual was hurt at the scene. Your criminal defense lawyer will want to examine the citation and violation in combination with the discovery on your criminal charge.

How an attorney can help

Often people decide to contest their ticket, but they don’t have the experience needed for presenting a strong case on their own. In a majority of cases, people who represent themselves focus on the less relevant aspects of the incident, which can distract from the case. There are many aspects to analyzing the strength of the case against you, and unless you’ve studied law, it can be difficult to build the most solid defense.

We have the experience that you need on your side. When you work with our law firm, all of the stress of the guess work vanishes. In many cases, you only need to give us call to discuss your case with us.

Whether it’s speeding, operating an automobile without insurance, registration issues, inappropriate lane usage, speeding too quick for conditions, negligent driving in the second degree, failure to comply with a traffic control signal, equipment violations (no mud flaps, broken taillights), skateboarding, malfunctioning exhaust, tinted windows, infraction of limited license, no safety belt, noise violation (speakers too loud), talking on a cell phone or usage of an electronic device, littering, or failure to secure load– we manage them all!

When an individual hires us to represent them, we listen to their side of the incident, then we let them know how our whole process works. It’s important to walk you through the whole process so you’ll be aware of what to anticipate in the following weeks or months.

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